J&L Advantage

Almost two decades ago when we first started J & L, we promoted our business by citing the exceptional resumes and awards we brought by working as senior managers for leading companies in this industry. Today we are the leaders. We set the standard by which excellence in service and increased client profits are measured. Today our competitors compare themselves to us. Some actually use the experiences or training they gleaned from J & L on their resumes. And that’s OK, because we didn’t become #1 by looking backwards or at our competition. We got here by looking forward and by seeing the industry through the prism of our clients. We became leaders by anticipating how shifts in the industry would impact their needs—your needs. Our growth has remained steady because we consistently delivered every conceivable advantage to our clients, often before they asked.

Today, more than ever, we still look forward and continue to challenge conventional thinking, explore new technology, and implement new ideas. Specialization is absolutely critical to the process of successful medical account systems management. For that reason we concentrate exclusively on medical receivables management.

The advantage from all this remains with our clients, their staffs and their patients. Our team will empower and work for you. And it’s how we stay in front.

  • Don Johnsen, President
  • Mike LaMont, Vice President/CFO

"Where Service Is A Commitment...Not A Word"