Our unique scoring system, along with an advanced distribution module has given us an edge in predicting who will pay and how each account should be worked. We have found that 90% of our recoveries come from 60% of assigned accounts. As a result we have developed probability scoring. Utilizing hundreds of different factors to determine the most likely payers, all accounts are matched against our entire inventory and are given a score. Prioritizing accounts by score results in faster and greater returns to you.


Traditional AR Receivables Management (secondary)

Our unique scoring system, multiple state of the art local and national informational databases, and advanced skip-tracing techniques have resulted in substantially increased recoveries for our clients. Collecting aged medical accounts requires special people who preserve the integrity of your patient relationships while representing your financial interests. We do this by keeping the focus on the value of the services that were received and by developing a professional dialogue with your patients while looking for changes in their ability to pay over time.