Extended Business Office Services

J&L Teamworks EBOS responds to our clients' need to decrease days in active accounts receivable and accelerate cash flow. Providing the staff and program, we become an extension of your business office in early stage receivable management. Because every client is unique, we provide solutions specific to your collection needs for successful results.

All contact with the responsible party is conducted in the client's name and notices and scripts are tailored exclusively for each client. J&L Teamworks EBOS answers all incoming calls from the responsible party, relieving the client's internal staff to focus on other important functions. We work closely with our clients, duplicating their philosophies and procedures and adhering to all client policies.

J&L Teamworks EBOS provides the expertise, experience, and staff to deliver a tailored solution that complements, or even totally replaces, your current active receivable collection efforts while you maintain full control over the process.